Zoo Stuff

Yo guys, Its me Oscar!
Today I have this little embed document about our zoo trip we are having this friday!
I hope you enjoy guys,

water balloons

SAW fail

New website in development!

Hi guys today I am going to tell you about a website I am developing called the awesome guy.
There I will post some movies and things I have been doing other than school things and stuff,
That's coming very soon so watch out... There will be a link!


Hello Again

Hello,It's Oscar here.yes, I have had a big holiday and no time to post so sorry about that.ok, so now that I've said that,It's time to talk about the holidays!I bet you guys had awesome holidays, I did.It's the end of the first day at school today, it's been a big day,good to have a change,but it's  still unbelievable that I've got one year left at school and then off to collage I go!(don't worry, I will still post.)ok, let's get to it: Ok so first , we went to otaki for Christmas at our family house,and all the greenaways(my mums side) came.(it was great seeing my cousins and aunties and uncles)And then after Christmas we went back home for a few days, then we came back for New Years.after that,we came back home.THEN... Just when I thought the holiday was over, two of my aunties and one of my cousins came to our house and we went to lake taupo where my auntie ma lives.we stayed at her house for two nights,the next day, one of my aunties,and my cousin left and started their drive whangarae where my cousin lives,and then we headed back home.we stopped at otaki for the night and two of my cousins were there getting ready to go to Nelson.(Boo!)(they are there now.)anyway, we stayed the night, then went home the next day.ONE WEEK LATER... The auntie and cousin who went up to whangarae came down to babysit us for the weekend while mum celebrated her 40th.then my auntie went back up to otaki where she lives and my cousin went back up to whangarae and yeah, then we went to my nanny's birthday, and that's it.on the last day, I jumped off the days bay wharf and got ready for school.yeah, I hoped you enjoyed my holiday.If you want to, write your holiday down in the comments.


Parkour Fails


Merry Xmas


Happy Xmas guys, This is an awesome song you must listen to for Xmas!
I hope you enjoy!